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Science-based solutions in the field of mitochondrial biophysics.
Dr. Smith Will Reveal Shocking Truths About Cancer That Your Doctor Never Knew! 
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Dr. Smith's Cracks For Defeating Cancer:
Secret #1: The Hidden Killer Your Oncologist Does NOT know About 
Is there a stealth pathogen laying at the root of your cancer dilema? 

Your chance to discover the startling truth about microbial causation and the true nature of cancer. 
Secret #2: The Emerging Field Of Private Research Clubs.
 Learn why 84% of oncologist refuse to do chemo for their own cancer. 

Had enough with conventional wisdom? Learn about new theories 10 years before your doctor. 
Secret #3: Technologies
From The Future...NOW.
Learn about the use of radio frequency. magnetic fields, and light for cancer remediation.

You will discover where to access the most effective treatment protocol available.
Why everything you know about cancer is wrong.
Dr. Dewayne Smith, Phd.
 Biologist and Researcher in Mitochondrial Physiology, Bio-Nanotechnology, and 
Bio-Electric Health
About The Featured Speaker:
Dr. Smith’s expertise stems from studies surrounding pathogenic organisms, their electrical properties, and their role in impairing the cell’s ability to metabolize the fuels. Dr. Smith is the pioneer of the BX Protocol, and has developed a variety of technologies intended to deactivate the microbial toxins responsible for cancer.

He has served as the head of medical research for the Sovereign Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, OSJ.,. Knight of Malta, the Vice Chairman for Lab-5 Trust, and Chairman of the Omega Academy.
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