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These People Cracked The Cancer Code…So Can You!
Featured Speaker: D. Smith, Ph.D.
Angela Cook, M.D., Ph.D.
“Hi, I’m Dr. Smith...
and like you, I became disillusioned with conventional medicine. 
I began researching alternative methods for addressing cancer in my early 20s, starting with a perplexing question:
'Why have the prevailing treatments for cancer remained unchanged for nearly 40 years?'
Over the past 30 years, myself, along with two other scientists, have dedicated our lives to finding the answer to that question.
Because our views are so radically different from BIG PHARMA, we were systematically suppressed in the United States 
(see, and forced to relocate our operations to the Caribbean. 
During this webinar I hope to divulge, for the first time publicly, the facts about cancer, 
and the keys to understanding its true nature as a microbial-driven metabolic disease “
The Big Difference?
"Over the past 22 years, I have had thousands of conversations with individuals considering an array of non-conventional treatments. One of the biggest obstacles I see people facing is the fact that, according to Google, there are supposedly 500 cures for cancer. Everything from baking soda to cesium chloride and Manuka honey purportedly 'cures' cancer. 

Then you have treatments that look good on paper, like GCMAF, Regvir, PNC 27 and such, that perform well in a petri dish 
(in vitro), but do not provide much benefit in the body (in vivo).

So how does one differentiate between treatments that target the root cause of cancer 
and those that may be only supportive in nature?

One of the questions I would ask is whether the clinic you're considering has developed 'Targeted Treatments,' and not just 'Supportive Treatments.' We are one of the few organizations that has developed proprietary targeted technologies capable of addressing cancer at the root cause. In fact, I'm familiar with only two other organizations meeting that criteria."

Targeted Treatments Used At The Retreat:
We define “Targeted Treatments” as treatments capable of impacting cancer at the level of causation. Targeted treatments available as part of the BX Protocol™ may include any of the following:
  •  BX Energy Catalyst™: The BX Energy Catalyst produces catalytic “high order peroxides” that burn up (oxidize) stealth pathogens from the inside out.
  •  Q3 Photonic Oscillator™: This instruments facilitates the role of bio photons in cellular respiration, cellular communication and much more.
  •  Tesla Radio Oscillator™: This technology produces a wide-spectrum magnetic field that delivers photons deep into biological tissue.
  •  Zero Point Vacuum™: A quantum electrodynamic technology. 
  •  Super Radiance™: Designed to produce coherent organizational patterns within water molecules.
  •  Wave Genetics™: Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves to change gene expression.
  •  Nano Particle Photodynamic Therapy: Triggers the production of oxygen species within the cell.
Supportive Treatments Used At The Retreat:
The BX Protocol incorporates a variety of supportive therapies and technologies. These alone do not have the potential to produce health restoration, but can optimize and support targeted treatments in a complementary way. Supportive treatments available as part of the BX Protocol may include any of the following:
  •  Nanoparticle Hyperthermia: High-frequency excitation of microorganism bound nanoparticles.
  • High Flow Oxygen: Delivering oxygen at 80-120 lpm with cardiovascular turbulence during exercise.
  •  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Greatly increases oxygen concentration in all body tissues, thus aiding with tumor hypoxia.
  •  Activated Oxygen Therapy: Differs from hyperbaric therapy because the molecules are energetically active, demonstrating highly oxidative potential.
  •  Ozone Therapy: Antimicrobial/Blood purification.
  •  Ultrasound Therapy:  Increasing local circulation and oxygen delivery.
  •  Hyperthermia: Local and full body, designed to increase temperature of tissues and core environment to enhance oxygen deliverability.  
  •  Full Spectrum Diet and Nutrition: The retreat's approach to dietary support offers a multifaceted approach to health restoration.
  •  Ultra-High Frequency Application: Designed to inhibit the mitotic spindle in cancer cells expressing abnormal growth patterns.
  •  Immunotherapy: These technologies improve and restore proper immune response through natural nontoxic means.
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